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Unlock the Art of Harmonious Home Design 
Elevate Your Space with Colour, Fabrics, and Finishes!


SO who would benefit from this course?

Introducing our transformational online course, designed exclusively for individuals looking to elevate their home renovation projects with
a focus on colour. With over two decades of experience in the industry,
I am here to guide you through the journey of colour throughout your renovation.

Are you ready to EMBRACE new knowledge and APPLY the expertise you've already acquired to boost your confidence in every colour selection? Our program is designed to REVOLVE around your current renovation project or your DREAM upcoming endeavour.

You won't be on this journey alone. I provide personalised support, ensuring you feel confident in your colour and material choices.

It's ideal that you start off on the Introduction to colour as there are so many practical and theoretical elements that you will miss, it's kind of essential. This is why I have created a bundle offer.
So you can start f
rom the beginning. Learning the colour theory first. 


Ready to transform your living space into a haven of seamless elegance?
Join me as we delve into the enchanting world of colour, fabrics, and finishes.
Get ready to master the art of weaving together a harmonious whole house scheme that will captivate your senses and elevate your surroundings.


Dive deep into the captivating world of colour and discover how it can influence the atmosphere of your home. From serene neutrals to the full spectrum of shades, our comprehensive Resense Colour collection will empower you to curate the perfect palette for your space.


Luxuriate in Fabrics and Finishes: Unleash your creativity with a range of luxurious fabric samples that will add texture and depth to your interiors. Explore a carefully curated selection of finishes that will transform every corner of your home into a haven of comfort and style.

Learn the secrets of creating a cohesive and harmonious whole house scheme that flows effortlessly from room to room. Elevate your design skills and make your mark as a true interior connoisseur.

As a bonus, you'll receive a treasure trove of resources, including the full Resense Color range, the fashion-forward fan deck, and the coveted Karen Walker colour scheme palettes. This toolkit will be your guiding light as you embark on your journey of design mastery.

Enrol Today and Unveil the Magic
Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your home, revamp your Airbnb listing, or launch a lucrative color design business. Join our Masterclass now, and let the world see the artist within you. Create harmony, elevate style, and embark on a colourful journey of transformation.


Elevate your space, indulge in the world of colour and fabrics, and master the art of harmonious design. Join me and let's create beauty together and Continue to splash your life with colour.

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and get ready to expand on your already colourful life

To add to your existing kit for the for t
he unlocking the art of harmonious home design you will receive a full Resene specifiers kit a sample pack of fabrics and wall coverings to use in the activities - then you can start sourcing your own. An new journal for your specific project.Value $165 (included in the course price)

 - PLUS -  the perks below....

A supportive community

to guide you through the process and share their experiences with the course

Join our Private FB Community

where you can post your work in our private group for feedback and the love of sharing your journey

Downloadable work book templates for each
activity / module.

These can then be stuck in your colour journal providing a step by step learning journey as you expand your colour knowledge.

Practical Learning

Fun painting activities with comprehensive video instructions.


Free express shipping on your kit is also included in the course price.

A private consulting session with Grace when needed.

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I have Grace Garrett to thank for teaching me everything I know about ‘Colour Theory’. She is an absolute expert when it comes to colour. Grace is the person I would go to for an advanced understanding of the world of colour, and all the beautiful nuances that come with it.


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White Sheet_edited.jpg

ARE you ready to take your love of
colour to the next level?

Demystify selecting paint colours / stone / tile/ timber 
- basically all finishes for renovating or decorating -

  - join the waitlist for  
Unlocking The Art of Harmonious design  - 


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