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Master Whole-House Harmony

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Introduction To Colour

Unlock the Secrets of Whole-House Harmony with our Masterclass! Are you ready to transform your space into a symphony of style and elegance? Discover the art of creating the perfect home scheme that's not only visually stunning but harmoniously cohesive. Welcome to the ultimate guide – "How to Master the Art of Whole-House Harmony: Create Your Cohesive Home Scheme!" Tailored to Your Expertise Whether you're a budding interior designer or just someone with a passion for colour, this course is your ticket to unlocking the potential of your space. Drawing from the knowledge gained in our Introduction and Advanced Colour Course, you'll embark on a journey that will forever change the way you view and design your living spaces. Perfect for Home Renovation or Airbnb Success Are you planning a home renovation or looking to boost your Airbnb property's appeal? Perhaps you dream of starting your very own colour design business? Look no further! Our course provides you with the skills and resources you need to achieve these ambitions. Included the Resene Colour Kit: The Ultimate Starter Pack Kickstart your journey with your very own Resene colour kit, packed with all the essentials to begin working with commercial paint. It includes 3 Fan Decks, Multi Finish Ranges, Exterior Finishes, Special Finishes, and SO MUCH MORE. Your dream home renovation is just a brushstroke away! Click on the menu to find out more.



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