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Would you like to feel confiedent in selecting the PREFECT colour scheme for you or your client?


SO who would benefit from this course?

This exciting transformational, practical online course has been designed specifically for home renovators, decorators and colour lovers.

Having worked in the industry for over two decades I can guide you through a transformation, taking your love of colour into renovating your house both interior or exterior. We will also support you in setting up you very own colour consulting business, with the tools, paperwork, working with suppliers, fabric schemes and all that is required to get you thoroughly ready to start on your own home or start your own business.  

So if you want to work in the industry or just need additional knowledge to be assured of your choices - then this course is for you.

Its ideal that you start off on the Introduction to colour as there are so many practical and theoretical elements that you will miss, it's kind of an essential. This is why I have created a bundle offer.
So you can start f
rom the beginning. Learning the colour theory first. 

Its time to dive on in to the world of colour and enhance your already amazing talents. Intuition is great, knowledge is power. Let me support you in a step by step guide in selecting colour, finishes, fabrics to create a whole house scheme that is both beautiful and harmonious both inside and out.  

Firstly - please review the Colour Introduction Course - so you can envision the additional knowledge you will gain before jumping straight into commercial colour. It walks you through all the modules that will link this to the commercial side of colour, train your eye and and provide you the foundation theory for creating beautiful colour schemes.


Composition - for both art and design. How to create a balanced fabric design that can be used through a whole house scheme or even in a body of artwork to create a cohesive story.

Where to find inspiration and how to apply that to a colour scheme.

Colour Discord - What is it and when you should avoid it.

Knowledge is power here!! So build on what you have already learnt  in Colour Introduction
and join me in advanced colour.

Once again, I will share over two and a half decades of my experience about colour with you.

Some jump onboard and sign up for June 7 start date.

Continue to splash your life with colour.


on how to become a colour consultant with video and activities to engage your learning journey.

So are you ready to LEARN and  
gain the knowledge and proficiency to become a colour professional? 

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and get ready to expand on your already colourful life

 - what you get by signing up - 

The Introduction to Colour Course bundled with the colour design consultant course.
Even if this is for managing your own design / renovation projects.
The content will have you well prepared with the knowledge and relevant downloadable templates to give to your builder / painter and other suppliers.

We will be looking at commercial colour. 

The different paint companies, which paint goes where and much more.

Whites? Which White Where?

Finally we will be providing you with the templates and tools to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to start your own colour consulting business. Or alternatively have the ability to work with confidence on your own renovating projects. This could start as a side hustle and then as your business and clientele grows you may make it a full time job.

Testimonials - really important for social media and website.


This will be fully supported with practical activities to assist you on your journey of learning more about colour and how to specify and provide to painters, builders and suppliers in a professional way. It also allows you to have complete - organised records of what goes where etc.


​You’ll have lifetime access to the modules, so you can catch up or retake the course whenever it suits you.

You can still jump onto the live weekly catch up, and learn from the other students experiences along with the Q& A 

 Im hoping you will start with the introduction which includes a kit to get you started, valued at $150 FREE When you sign up.
Then to add to your kit for the for the colour consulting you will receive
a full Resene specifiers kit, designer gouache by winsor newton for painting activities.
Value $165 (included in the course price)


 - PLUS -  the perks below....

A supportive community

to guide you through the process and share their experiences with the course

Join our Private FB Community

where you can post your work in our private group for feedback and the love of sharing your journey

Downloadable work book templates for each
activity / module.

These can then be stuck in your colour journal providing a step by step learning journey as you expand your colour knowledge.

Practical Learning

Fun painting activities with comprehensive video instructions.


Along with the course fee you will receive your very own hand selected colour kit delivered to you valued at $250 for the bundle course so you can get started on your journey with all the materials you need!

1 hour private consulting session with Grace when needed.

Lana Taylor Three Birds Renovations.png

I have Grace Garrett to thank for teaching me everything I know about ‘Colour Theory’. She is an absolute expert when it comes to colour. Grace is the person I would go to for an advanced understanding of the world of colour, and all the beautiful nuances that come with it.


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White Sheet_edited.jpg

ARE you ready to take your love of
colour to the next level?

Demystify selecting paint colours / stone / tile/ timber 
- basically all finishes for renovating or decorating -

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 explore colour on a deeper level

  - join the waitlist for colour consulting - 


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