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Image by Alyssa Hurley

The Colour Mastery Course
The course that will change the way you see and use colour forever. 


For Designers, Artists, and Colour Enthusiasts
Transform Your Vision with Every Hue

Created for inspiring and professional designers, artists, DIY decorators, and anyone passionate about colour and design.

Welcome to GG Colour School, where your creative journey into the mesmerising world of colour begins. Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional portfolio, add flair to your home, or simply explore the depths of colour theory, our Colour Mastery Course is your gateway to success.

Why Colour Matters

Colour is the heartbeat of design. It shapes experiences, conveys emotions, and can make or break the aesthetic appeal of any creation. At GG Colour School, we don’t just teach colour—we celebrate it.

Whether you're creating patterns for fabric and wallpaper or designing a space, this course will empower you to use colour with confidence, creating harmonious and impactful designs.

Embrace this opportunity to enhance your colour expertise. For just $497, begin this life-changing journey.
Upcoming class starts on July 15th Reserve your seat now!

Grace Garrett Colour School.png
Grace Garrett Colour School.png

SO would you benefit from this course?

absolutely. renovators, designers, decorators, colours lovers, stylists
- there is an endless list. Dive into the world of colour with a fresh set of eyes. YOURS!


on how to transform your life with colour.

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The Colour Mastery Course

Embark on a transformative journey with The Colour Mastery Course. Are you ready to unleash the power of colour in your life and creative pursuits?


This comprehensive course is designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike who seek to elevate their understanding
and practice of colour and design fundamentals.

In Colour Mastery, you will delve deep into the intricacies
of colour theory, unlocking the secrets to harmonious combinations and dynamic designs. Whether you're
passionate about home renovation, styling, or mastering the
art of colour combining to elevate your surface designs, this course is your key to a whole new level of creative expression and success.




(Total value including bonuses $912)


You will gain access to my three decades of colour and design knowledge, including engaging video lessons, hands-on activities, and a bonus learning kit (valued at over $165)—delivered right to your door.


Not only that - you will have the opportunity to speak with me
one on one via zoom (valued at $250) to answer any questions, show me your work, talk through colour schemes. 

Join me on this journey, and get ready to master the art of colour. My promise to you is that this course will transform your perspective, refining your eye for colour in ways you never thought possible. Embrace the power of "Colour Mastery" and redefine the way you see and experience the world of colour.


Unlock a wealth of value with our included bonuses, featuring an extensive learning kit and exclusive access to our private Facebook community, enriching your Colour Mastery experience with tools, connections, and ongoing support




As an exclusive bonus, embark on a unique journey of personalised guidance with a
one-on-one mentoring session via Zoom. 


This extraordinary opportunity allows you to engage directly with me, addressing your questions, showcasing your work, and delving into all things colour-related.


This invaluable mentorship, ensures your learning experience is not just comprehensive but tailored to your specific needs, providing unparalleled support on your path to mastering the art of colour.



As an added bonus, gain exclusive access to our private Facebook community, where you can connect with fellow students, share insights, and engage in vibrant discussions about your Colour Mastery journey.


Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are on the same colourful adventure, providing an additional layer of inspiration and camaraderie throughout your learning experience.



As a special bonus, we are thrilled to include an exclusive learning kit, meticulously curated to enhance your hands-on experience in the Colour Mastery program.


Valued at an impressive $165, this kit is packed with essential tools to ignite your creative journey.


Unbox your visual diary, cutting mat, ruler, and acrylic paints, along with a set of professional-grade paintbrushes and a versatile paint palette.


Explore your creativity on
high-quality Canson paper, armed with double-sided tape, glue, and a precision cutting knife.


As an extra touch, we're including a Resene Paints Fan Deck to further expand your colour learning experience. (This provides the perfect colour matching reference tool for your painting and learning journey and is included in your painting activities).


This bonus kit is not just a collection of tools – it's your companion on the path to mastering the art of colour, adding extraordinary value to your Colour Mastery experience.

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Your colour  transformation  awaits 

No matter where you stand on the spectrum of experience
– from complete beginner to seasoned pro –

 Our online course is designed to meet you right where you are.
Tap your inner creativity and take the reins of your creative endeavours, whether it's your home, office, workspace, or other creative projects.


Even for those immersed in design-related fields, my years of experience have revealed a crucial truth: color is not just an afterthought; it's the keystone of design success. Mastering colour is the transformative key that unlocks the full potential of any design endeavour, paving the way for unparalleled creativity and success.


Don't underestimate the power of colour.
Get it right from the start, and watch your designs soar to new heights

Image by Alyssa Hurley
Grace Garrett Colour School.png


 what people are saying about the course 

I have Grace Garrett to thank for teaching me everything I know about
‘Colour Theory’. She’s an absolute expert when it comes to colour.
Grace is the person I would go to for an advanced understanding of the world of colour, and all the beautiful nuances that come with it.


Image by Alyssa Hurley
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grace garrett colour school_edited.png

Join us at the GG Colour School, where the world of colour unfolds before your eyes.


Are you ready to paint your life in vibrant hues and elevate your design skills to new heights?

join me at gg colour school.png
Image by Alyssa Hurley
GG Colour School Mood Board.png


What can I expect after the end of the course?

An immersive, intensive dive into the world of colour and its application to all assets of your life. By the end of the transformation, you will have a powerful tool at your disposal to enhance your overall design, styling, renovating and creative skills/hobbies.

Why choose the GG Colour School? 
We offer more than just an online course; we provide a pathway to unlocking colour's incredible impact in your life. With a rich background in design education and two decades of industry expertise, I offer a unique blend of knowledge and experience so you can take colour to a new level.

Who is this course suited for?
Perfect for both enthusiasts and professionals in fields like interior design, architecture, and upholstery, our course places colour at the forefront of design thinking.


While colour often takes a back seat in these industries my extensive experience shows its crucial role in elevating a design or space.

What can I expect during the course?
A comprehensive  hands on learning experience.

Our Colour Mastery Course offers a comprehensive learning experience, featuring engaging video content that covers the theory of colour, along with plenty of hands-on painting tutorials & exercises.  We'll teach you how to bring colour into your life and design choices with confidence.

Transform Your World With Colour. 
You will make design and decorating decisions confidently, transforming the way you see and experience colour and sharing it with those around you. 


Do I need To Have Experience?
No. Many of our students start with little to no knowledge of colour, yet they leave with the ability to articulate their choices and have a full understanding of colour combinations derived from the colour wheel and beyond. 

Prepare to unlock the secrets of colour and transform your creative endeavours!


Join me in an exhilarating intensive program designed to boost your confidence, elevate your knowledge, and empower you to create stunning, sophisticated colour schemes.


Through hands-on activities and personalised 1-on-1 mentoring, you'll gain a profound understanding of colour application in any setting, master the manipulation of space, harness the impact of colour in various lighting conditions, and skilfully manipulate design elements for maximum effect.

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 i promise you that once you have   
  completed this course 

   you will never look at colour the same way again.  


Image by Alyssa Hurley


At Grace Garrett, we deeply respect the enduring connection to the land held by the traditional custodians of this magnificent place, from which we draw inspiration. We extend our sincerest acknowledgments to their Elders, both past and present, and to those who are emerging as leaders within their communities. We also acknowledge the perpetual bond that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples maintain with their Country, encompassing the land and sea.

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