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learn about colour + its power to transform a space 




Let me share with you my master tips and techniques for working with the magical tool of colour.


I will guide you on how to transform every aspect of your life with colour, by understanding the fundamentals of the theory and how it can improve mood, concentration, size of a space and so much more. 


Colour decisions need to be applied to so many aspects of our life - painting, decorating, photography, fine arts, styling, the list is endless. However,  if you don't get the colour right, no amount of money spent can save a bad colour scheme. Knowledge is power here!!

Let me guide you so that you can confidently make these expensive and life-changing decisions
with ease and with minimal stress.

In this step-by-step course, I will share with you over two and a half decades of my experience about colour.  For those with already a basic knowledge - sign up for the MASTERCLASS ADVANCED course.

Step away from the safety of beige and splash your life with colour.

on how transform your life with colour.

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and get ready to live a colourful life

So are you ready
to learn to speak the language
 of colour fluently?

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colour is my passion

share it with me....

With a serious passion and over two decades of knowledge and practice, along with lecturing in the design industry, I will be taking you on an in-depth journey on colour, design and textiles. Ultimately equipping you with the confidence and tools to use your newfound skills at home, in your work and in everything you do.


You will gain practical knowledge about colour, learn how to assemble a cohesive interior/exterior colour scheme for your own home and explore colour like never before. There will be guided activities that will provide you with innovative ideas and give you the power to use colour in a way you never imagined. 


what you get by signing up

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Confidence to see and apply colour in a proven, scientific approach.
And the capacity to make colour choices you have only ever dreamed of.
PLUS the perks below....



my name is grace garrett

I have been blessed to work in the design industry for over the past two decades in many areas including graphic design, fashion and interiors, and along the way, I've had the pleasure to work on numerous collaborations with the Coco Republic creating an exclusive, custom rug and cushion collection. 


Featured in Australian House & Garden magazine’s Top Women
in Design, my textiles are regularly seen in several other major interior design publications.


I've also teamed up with Taubmans on several projects, styling and designing for photoshoots and was invited as a guest speaker at the Taubmans Colour of The Year Launch.


I have been a colour and design Educator at Sydney Design School and have extensive experience as a colourist, stylist, and designer both here in Australia and overseas.


The Grace Garrett brand is an inspired culmination of my work, travels, living abroad, and the journey of life experience.


I am so excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you as we embark on this colour journey together.

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I have Grace Garrett to thank for teaching me everything I know about ‘Colour Theory’.

She’s an absolute expert when it comes to colour. Grace is the person I would go to for a

an advanced understanding of the world of colour, and all the beautiful nuances that come with it.


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 WHAT IF... 

You could look at any colour be it wall paint, fabric, or even a whole decorating scheme and know why it works or in some cases why it doesn't? Wouldn't that feel magical? Almost like a super power !!

Imagine understanding the theory behind colour, that scientifically tells us how to combine colours in a harmonious and pleasing way. Intuition is a bonus, but understanding why certain combinations work becomes a powerful resource in your life.

If you love interiors, beautifully styled spaces and want the knowledge on how to achieve it, then this colour school is for you!!!


means you can..

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want colourful news + updates? TRENDS? SIGN UP HERE



 i promise you that once you have 
completed this course 

 you will never look at colour the same way again. 


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