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8 Weeks

About the Course

LEARN ABOUT COLOUR + its power to transform your space+your life. Would you benefit from this absolutelyrenovators, designers, decorators, colours lovers, stylists- there is an endless list. Dive into the world of colour with a fresh set of eyes. YOURS!

THIS IS A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE on how to transform your life with colour.

LEVEL UP YOUR COLOUR THEORY FROM BASIC TO ADVANCED COLOUR That is why we have created this bundle course so you can save and do both programs.

Absolutely. Its ideal that you start off on the Introduction to colour as there are so many practical and theory elements that you will miss, its kind of an essential. This is why I have created a bundle offer. So you can start from the beginning.Dive into the deeper side of colour and enhance your already amazing talents that you have acquiredthe Introduction Course.  

We will be exploring a myriad of colour palettes that all start from the 12 step colour wheel. The landscape Palette, The Shadow Palette, The Desert / Forest and Metal palettes.Get ready to paint and continue learning.

We will be looking at warm and cool primaries and the myriad of options they create, along with using gouache paints rather than acrylic. They have a truly magical finish and are lovely to mix. 

Advanced colour builds on all the knowledge and practical exercises you have learnt in the Introduction to Colour as we expand on the colour wheel looking at different colour combinations that work outside of what you have already painted and practised. Once again. I will guide you through the theory - with examples and knowledge  -  then we will start to paint again some more sophisticated palettes, adding new colour schemes to the ones you have already created. We will also be exploring

Colour Psychology



Colour Discord 

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE on how to elevate your existing knowledge with colourthrough further exciting theory and exercises.

Are you ready to UP-LEVEL your colour knowledge to an advanced level?

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Your Instructor

Grace Garrett

Grace Garrett

I have been blessed to work in the design industry for over two decades covering areas such as graphic design, fashion and interiors. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of working on numerous collaborations with Coco Republic, creating an exclusive rug and cushion collection.

Featured in Australian House & Garden magazine’s Top Women in Design, my textiles are regularly seen in major interior design publications.

I have teamed up with Taubmans on several projects, styling and designing for photoshoots and was invited as a guest speaker at the Taubmans Colour of The Year Launch.

I have been a colour and design Educator at Sydney Design School and have extensive experience as a colourist, stylist and designer both here in Australia and overseas.

The Grace Garrett brand is an inspired culmination of my work, travels, living abroad and the journey of life experience.

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