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Sick of washing your plastic paint palettes.

Well after years of searching for the perfect solution..... Yes I know - seems elementay now - we have gone from paper plates, platic ice cube trays, disposible palettes........ 

This will make the end of your painting activities from nightmare to BLISS!

Clean as whistle - in the sink or dishwasher. And the added bonus of using for outher purposes.
You will never dread the clean up process again.


They are more expensive so not included in our regular kits. $50 for a set of 12. (Perfect for The Colour Wheel + Colour Schemes, along with the Advanced Colour activities)
Includes express post, packing and handling.


Get in quick - as we only order a small quantity - the Advanced Colour Group jumped at them straight away! 

Set of 12 Ceramic Paint Bowls

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